What is Mulligan Poker?

In order to differentiate from the ever growing online gaming competition, casinos need to add new and innovative games to their lineup. This will attract new players as well as retain old players bored with the standard online casino games. There are a few new types of poker being introduced by various software providers. One of these variants is Mulligan Poker.

The Rules of Mulligan Poker

Created by Vegas Technology, Mulligan Poker is a unique game in which the player can replace their hand (similar to 5-card draw) but must also raise the wager. The player must then place the ante bet and an independent bonus bet. The five cards are distributed to the player face up.

The player has the option to keep their current hand or “take a mulligan.” A mulligan is a golf term indicating a redo. If they decide to take the mulligan a raise bet is placed into the pot and the player is distributed new cards. Also, they lose the bonus bet when accepting the mulligan. At this time the dealer’s hand is uncovered. If the dealer draws king high or less they automatically accept the mulligan.

The Outcome

The five card hands are ranked according to the standard poker ranking order. Therefore, if the player has a lower hand than the dealer, they lose the ante bet and the raise. If the hands are of equal rank, the outcome is a push. If the player has higher cards, both bets payout according to the ante payout table. The bonus bet pays out according to a separate table which begins at two pair.

Mulligan Poker is an excellent addition to any casino gaming lineup offer a nice twist on a classic poker game. The biggest advantage of these innovative games is they are based on classic poker variants which most people already know how to play. Also, they replace the staple games that may not be exciting to veteran players.

As more online gaming casinos are starting up on the internet with new, exciting ideas, older casinos need to be competitive by offering intriguing new games. As a result, most online gaming software companies are answering this call by creating new games to feature on gambling websites. These games are the future of online gambling and should always be considered when looking for a new casino to deposit your money.

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