Variants of Stud Poker

There are many variations of stud poker. In the following article, we give a breakdown of the many popular types, which include Mississippi, Blind, Six-Card, Scandinavian, Kentrel and many more.

Six-card stud:

Under this variant, each player receives six cards each. Some of these cards are up while others are “in the hole”.

A variation those this variant called “Alligator Stud” is initiated with one “in the hole” card alongside an upcard. The first betting round commences with two upcards.

Another variation called Sixty Four is initiated by one downcard, four upcards and one downcard. The betting round is initiated by each card being dealt face up.

Mississippi Stud:

The structure of this variant is very similar to that of Texas hold’em wherein the fixed limit of the concluding two round is double that of the beginning two. This being said, the “bring in” must be less than that of the limit of the first round.

After the conclusion of the first round, each player receives two upcards. After the conclusion of the second round, another upcard is dealt and the third round is initiated. Last but not the least; the concluding card is an upcard which leads to every player concluding with two downcards alongside five upcards. Consequently, the “seventh street round” is followed by the showdown.

Blind Stud:

Under this variant of poker, each card dealt to the players are downcards. Hence the “blind” part. This variant was very popular in California till about the mid 1980s. According to certain laws, a number of variants of poker were banned in California. However, Blind Stud was associated with draw poker (which was legal) as all the cards dealt are hidden.

Other Variations of poker:

A variant called the Option alley is played with five cards and is played with a high-low split along with a bonus round that is the twist round.

The Scandinavian stud is also played with five cards. In this variant, extra hand values are added to the game. Two to be exact.

English Stud is another variant of this game which is considered to cover a large number of other variants such as a game played with six cards that is, a six-card stud that is played with 1-4-1, along with a twist. This is also sometimes referred to as the six-card option.

In a variant called seven-card flip, even player in the game receives four downcards. It is up to him to choose the two cards he wants to turn up. Every player turns up these cards at the same time after the choice has been made.

Kentrel is a variant that also goes by the name “48” .This variant is played with seven cards. Each player receives four downcards after which every player is expected to cast off one card and make a choice from among the residual cards. This chosen card is then turned face up.

The Bitch is a variation of another poker variant called Chicago. Under this variant, every player is dealt a combination of cards, which consist of two downcards, four upcards and one downcard. The interesting part of the game is that the Queen of Spades is thought to hold the spot of the highest ranking Spade which is consequently followed by the Ace, King and so on.

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