Stud Poker Rules

In stud games, players receive both face-up and face-down cards. Unlike other poker variants where betting order is determined by seat position, by stud poker rules it is the visible cards that decide who bets first.


This is a hi/lo poker game good for 3-7 players. Two cards are dealt face-down to every player. A number of cards – as many as those playing – are dealt face up. Next, each person takes a secret amount of wager in their hand, at least equal to the minimum bet. They reveal their bets at the same time and the player with the highest “bid” gets to choose from the open cards first. Then the next highest “bidder” chooses after them. If there are equal bidders, the player nearest a place clockwise to the dealer’s left side is first. This is repeated until each player has seven cards and all bids go to the pot. After a round of betting, there is a “declaration” in which players declare what they are playing for: best high hand, best low hand or both. Pot is split between the high and low unless someone declares and wins both.

Caribbean Stud

This is a popular poker game that has a progressive jackpot on it. Five cards are dealt to each player and the dealer. All cards are face-down except for one of the dealer’s cards. Players make an ante. If one wants to play on, they must double the ante. If they want to fold, they lose the ante. Next, the dealer’s hole cards are turned up. If there is no ace-king or greater, a player is paid even for the ante and the bet is returned. If the dealer qualifies and the player has the better hand, the player is paid even on the ante and according to their hand’s rank. The rarer the hand, the higher the payoff. You can play for the progressive jackpot by making a side bet that you will get a flush hand or better. If you do, you will be paid the prize for that hand whether or not you beat the dealer.

Black Maria

Two cards are dealt face-down and one face-up per person. It is played out just like the 7 Card Stud game but the queens are wild. If a queen is dealt up, the following card is also wild. If the Queen of Spades appears, the hand ends abruptly and must a hand must be dealt anew.

Mexican Sweat

In this stud game, seven cards are given to each player facing down, with one card up on the table. Then players “roll” or reveal one card at a time. When a player’s revealed hand becomes the best hand (at first by beating the single up card), they initiate a betting round. If a player rolls all their cards and doesn’t become the best hand, they are out of the game and a new round begins with the best hand. The game ends when all cards have been turned up or all but one player is eliminated. The highest hand wins.

A poker variant known as La Puta or The Whore is a mix of this game and Follow the Queen, where queens are wild.

These are a few interesting variations of stud poker rules and procedures.

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