Players You Want at Your Poker Table

There are just different kinds of players that you always want to be your poker tablemates. In the long haul, the more time you play with these players, the more chips you will have at the end of the day.

Starting hands

There will be players who always get their favorite to start things off. Why will their favorites be like a Q-10 or a K-J? Still be thankful that these players are on our table and what you learn from them might be useful in certain situations. There is nothing bad with pocket aces.

There are also people who hate getting an A-A, J-J, or Q-A. You should expect some underbetting when they get what they “hate”. Most of the time they are also afraid of not playing these cards well, so they will overcompensate.

Skill over luck

There will be players who hold skills better than luck. Expect that they can easily tilt. Play some small pairs or connectors with them. Once you hit something, you will just watch them spin out of their balance and control. There will also be players who will share stories about bad beats and they are also very to put on tilt.

Human calculators

Understanding everything to the smallest decimal place can be the weakness of these poker players. Bet a big one so you will be able to wash away all the numbers about pot odds in their favor. Cross fingers that they don’t have kings or aces, and just watch their jaws drop.

Laying Hands on Authentic Poker Chips

Poker has been one of the favorite past time among people of all age groups. Whether it’s a party at home or a get together of friends, poker is the ideal way to spend some quality time playing cards.

For amateurs plastic chips have been the most preferred form of poker chips. For some, with each passing year the interest in poker gets intensified, and seriousness for poker multiplies and you thus a strong need of professional poker chips is felt.

How does it feel exactly when you have them in hand? What is so great about the authentic casino chips? The answer is pretty simple; the feel itself gives you the rush and pumps up your adrenaline. The weighted poker chips have this great sensation in hand.

What else makes you go for them? The authentic poker chips are highly durable and last long if proper care is taken. Buying a case for storage along with chips is a good option.

Poker chips can be tailor made according to the preference of a player. There is extensive choice in colors and texture to one’s own liking. Also they can be customized with personal remarks or initials. In Belgium, Pokerhandel provides this service to their customers at pricing starting at around €1/chip.

Customized poker chips are an ideal gift for someone who loves poker. An authentic set of poker chips with the person’s initials and favorite color is a present that he or she will cherish for a long time. So grab a set of genuine poker chips and get set to play an intriguing game of poker or get them to try our online casino at

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