Party Poker Room

One of the largest international online poker rooms in the world is the party poker room. The site has umpteen players which increase manifold with each passing day because of the popularity of the site, incredible loyalty bonus program, excellent games, dazzling poker events and attractive promotions which successfully allure beginners and professional players. Continue Reading

Variants of Stud Poker

There are many variations of stud poker. In the following article, we give a breakdown of the many popular types, which include Mississippi, Blind, Six-Card, Scandinavian, Kentrel and many more. Continue Reading

What is Mulligan Poker?

In order to differentiate from the ever growing online gaming competition, casinos need to add new and innovative games to their lineup. This will attract new players as well as retain old players bored with the standard online casino games. There are a few new types of poker being introduced by various software providers. One of these variants is Mulligan Poker. Continue Reading

Stud Poker Rules

In stud games, players receive both face-up and face-down cards. Unlike other poker variants where betting order is determined by seat position, by stud poker rules it is the visible cards that decide who bets first. Continue Reading