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Hi, welcome to Omaha strategy site! Take a seat and browse on our articles about Gambling and Casino.. "You know you have a gambling problem when it’s 4am at the Mirage Sportsbook and you’re walking around going, ‘Hey you got the lacrosse scores?’" – Artie Lange
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Basics of Craps

How many have you seen a game of craps where a group of players is whooping it up and yelling for certain numbers and wished that you could be a […]

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Players You Want at Your Poker Table

There are just different kinds of players that you always want to be your poker tablemates. In the long haul, the more time you play with these players, the more […]

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Party Poker Room

One of the largest international online poker rooms in the world is the party poker room. The site has umpteen players which increase manifold with each passing day because of […]

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Hi, welcome to Omaha Strategy Site!

Let us all explore, discuss things we need to know about Omaha! I am here dedicated to help you and will give advices tips and tricks on winning.. I am Brian M. Schmidt a lawyer who loves to play Omaha!

You are all free to scroll, click and browse articles I made all about Omaha.

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